• asylum

    Various Works (2013)

    Asylum was a group exhibition surrounding ideas of work in relation to space/site.

    Most of my work took its form in the space - so I had chance to spend time with the space and develop my work towards it. My work was focusing on the idea of space and unappreciated spacious - looking into pockets (which related to the derelict feel of the building). 

    The fragility of ‘burnt piece’ displayed in the corner had a link to the building - as while we were responding to the space and displaying works you could see some of the plaster coming away from the walls and cracking. We used lighting to highlight the transparency of the material and show its weakness. I feel that some pieces also had a playful element added which also responded well to other pieces in the room (particularlly Rosie & Emily’s work). The idea of play through the use of materials of salt dough and also the display of my pockets - which looked like bean bags or something celebratory.