• fragmented

    "Fragmented" 2012 - 2014

    Various works; drawing, photography and sculpture

    Looking into fragmentation and distortion within my work, I take on the idea of beauty and push it further to looking into the theme of the grotesque.

    My first piece, which is a large scaled locket made out of cheap MDF wood - making some small and precious into something larger and cheap. This piece was intended for the viewer to step into the frame where they are confronted with a broken mirror image - distorting there reflection.

    I have still been interested in this theme throughout my practice, i've looked into natural accidents - such as the cut out body which is a cropped image from a panoramic photograph which often has funny little mistakes (removing limbs etc). I became really interested in these as accidental art and wanted to appreciate modern technology and its errors which can be something more beautiful.

    Looking at creating my own mistakes I wanted to look into the idea of melted images - so I placed an object, a doll, in an oven and then drew the results in pen. These are really interesting deformities and have a really odd presences.