• gender of clothes

    "Gender Of Clothes" (2014)

    2 stitched body suits made using using a set of mens and ladies clothing.

    Looking into the idea of fashion and clothing when looking into gender I wanted to create edits of clothes which are making them gender specific. Placing a bra on the outside of a plain black t-shirt to specify that this top is now gender specific towards female, where it previously it might've been seen as unisex or a mans t-shirt due to the lack of shape. I created "body suits" from clothing so the performer is able to step straight into a gender identity opposed by clothes. Making it simple for anyone to put on these clothing and be stepping into that gender role - i.e. a dress with the underwear stitched inside and tight attached to give an instant identity to the viewer. Obviously a dress is something which is defined as female where as in contrast jeans and a shirt are often seen as masculine - even now days in schools for instant its only a recent thing that girls were allowed to wear trousers as part of school uniform.