• today i’m a man, tomorrow i’m a woman

    "Today I'm a man, Tomorrow I'm a woman" (2014)

    90" x 135" image, mounted onto wood with supporting wooden frame. Clothing is used to create a more 3-d approach.

    I decided to push my thinking in gender and set up a wedding scene. Which obviously has direct gender stereotyping with clothing. Rather than using a man and women and switching their identities, I decided to take an image of myself in both of these costumes and layer them together. So they are both female roles, in this image. Using myself in this one suggests the audience stepping into these traditional fashion identities, also allows the participant to step into the artists identity. The audience is the performer, the performer is the artist.

    This is a development of "Be him, Be her", using the female body for both images fooling the viewer threw the use of fashion.