• under the skin

    "Under the Skin" (2013-2014)

    A selections of work experimenting with materials and the artists body. Sculptural, performative and photographic

    First image: I treaded my face (piercing holes) with cotton so they are going through my body. Letting the material flow underneath and through my body.

    Second image: I have been looking into the use of working with salt dough and also created a cast of my mouth - this was to do with the process and interaction it had with my body. Making an inverted form of my body - an object by casting it. I was also interested in the process and the relationship to body and material.

    Third Image: I looked at the idea of the material being something from my body.  Interested in the different elements of body and what we lose and what how we change our appearance. So I have been collecting my hair recently and documented the difference over time of my appearance. While using something which has been a part of me and connected to me.