Exploring ideas of identity throughout my practice; surrounding the roles of gender and feminity – what gender means in regards to society and how others perceive you based on how you represent yourself. Embodiment is an important subject matter for me, looking into the body as a vessel that carries you through life. There is no distinction between you and body – without you there is no body. The body is a key focus across my practice and is something, which takes a performative form. Whether it is for a documentational process or something which involves the viewer or myself within the piece, physically.

I’ve been playing with the idea of stepping into different ‘bodies’. Taking on a new identity – even if it is only for a short period of time. This notion of dress up has a playful element to it, creating different costume like bodies, using clothing to represent each sex based on what we have been taught from society. The interest for me is to lose the sense of self for a split second and take on someone else’s persona for as long as you want to engage with my work.  As well as allowing the audience to step into the art and take on a different role, I like to play tricks on the viewer swapping the genders of my subjects.